How to Register

1.) Using your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.) navigate to

2.) On the left side of the screen in the "Register for this Event" section, select your age group/region by clicking or tapping it.

3.) If the "Continue As A Guest" Ryzer screen (shown below) appears, just click the maroon, "Continue As A Guest," button. ***NOTE*** If you have a Ryzer account and wish to long in, you can do that here as well. If this screen does not appear, skip this step and move on to #4 below.

4.) a. Enter your name (or the Team's head coach/admin name) in the text box underneath the words "Head Coach Name"
b. Click the button that reads "Add to Cart"

5.) In the lower-right, click the green button marked, "Continue Registration."

6.) a. In the "Participant Information" section, fill in your phone number, cell phone number (phone number fields can be the same,) head coach email, and alternate email (Both email fields can be the same. Make sure to use the same email that your team uses for other softball related registrations like the Alliance or USA/ASA Softball.)

Fill in your team name exactly as it appears on other softball registrations (e.g. USA/ASA Softball, The Alliance Fastpitch, etc.)

Select your division from the drop-down marked "Division" and select "2-all non tier 1 teams" from the drop-down marked "Tier."
***Note*** (If you have an AGL number you can place it in the correlating text box. If you don't have one or do not know what this is, leave it blank. ALL other fields in this section must be filled in.)

b. If you have insurance, fill in the Insurance Company Name, Policy Number, and Expiration Date of your current policy in the correlating fields. If you do not have your team insurance yet, simply type "Intend on getting" in all 3 fields
***NOTE*** If you have insurance through The Aliiance and have not received your policy details, type "ALLIANCE" in all 3 fields of the "Insurance Questions" section.

c. Click the green, "Continue," button in the lower-right corner of the screen

7.) Select the desired payment method (Credit or debit card / PayPal) by clicking or tapping the correlating button.

8.) Fill out the credit/debit card or log into your PayPal account and follow the on-screen instructions to complete you payment. That's it, you are now registered for Texas Fastpitch League

If you have questions on registration that were not answered above or in our FAQ section, email us at